Elf Bar 1500 Apple Peach Disposable Pod

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Elf Bar 1500 Apple Peach Disposable Pod combines two fruits you like perhaps.This delicious taste blended with the aroma obtained from freshly prepared apples and peaches will delight you with more.This flavor that brings together Apple and peach fanatics is now opposite.

Elf Bar 1500 Disposable Pod Mod is high quality use horse pod mod made with various fruity, sweet and tobacco aromas to help you quit smoking and is perfect for beginners.

Different from other devices, you do not need to change and charge the coil, cartridge.Although it is fashionable and light enough to fit your pocket, this device has a capacity of 1500 shots, which is equivalent to cigarettes up to 40.5% nicotine rate provides a strong effect, which makes it easier to quit smoking as it is enough to remove nicotine need in a cleaner and more clean way.It is easy to use with automatic breathable sensor.

Product Features:

1500 shot capacity.

50mg salt liquid (%5).

850mah battery (can not be charged).

Breathable sensor (no button to press).

4.8ml salt liquid capacity (refillable).

Fixed voltage from the first breath to last breath to ensure smooth and consistent taste throughout the duration of use.

Fine body design, comfortable mouthiness, light weight and portable on pocket.

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