Justfog c601 Cartridge 3 Package
Justfog c601 Cartridge 3 Package

Justfog c601 Cartridge 3 Package

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Justfog c601 Cartridge 1.7 ml tank capacity and 1.6 ohm coil.

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Justfog c601 Cartridge the capacity is known as a maximum of 1.7 ml.This product has the fillable pod system.There is also a changeable cartridge feature.1.6 ohm atomizer coil feature.

It reveals the difference between similar products thanks to its double lower feeding filling feature.One of the details that make this product different is the interconnect feature.This product is sold in the category of only liquid spare parts.

Justfog c601 Cartridge and Specifications

Justfog c601; a product designed for pod cartridge.c601 starter kit is known to have a capacity of 1.7 ml e-liquid.This product has quite high capacity PC material.In this product where comfortable touch feeling and pure flavor are presented, %100 organic cotton content is available.The filling design is quite easy.In this way, more comfortable electronic cigarettes have experienced experience.In addition, Justfog c601 cartridge the aroma that contains in a unique design is an optimized product for tracking and high nicotine users.Also, it seems quite compatible with c601 battery.This product is sold in triple package. Justfog c601; electronic cigarette addresses users in many ways.The device has a rather stylish look.

With this direction, the device can clearly tell the key or flash memory.The product has 1.6 ohm coil resistance, it really has a revolutionary feature.This product is made of polycarbonate material, which has quite high quality.A highly clean vape is provided thanks to the protective mouth cover on the top of the product.Easy operation and portable size are among the details that make this product different.Thanks to the cartridge features of the product, it is not possible to have activities such as spraying, warming and liquid leakage.The product can be installed on many places.Conveniently portable and can be used anywhere. Justfog the c601 cartridge has multiple colors of the Pod device.Color options such as orange, green, blue, white; are among the characteristics of the product's Pod device.This product is the nature that can attract attention to large-sized electronic cigarette users.In short, Justfog c601 there are many reasons to get.


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Tank Capacity
1.7 ml
Quantity in Box
3 pieces
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