Veiik Airo Pod Cartridge
Veiik Airo Pod Cartridge

Veiik Airo Pod Cartridge

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VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge
the outer appearance is black and gray structure, and it is one of the products that have no color option.VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge 1.2 ohm has a strong resistance, but it is an original and grounded VEIIK Airo Salt Liquid cartridge with 2 mL liquid chamber.

Due to the low-wat outlet pod system of liquid capsules, which are owed to the organic cotton, it is among the original and ideal products in the forefront between electronic cigarette cartridges. VEIC Airo Pod CartridgeWith the magnet system of handy cartridge, which allows VEIIK Airo Pod to directly sit without any downtime, so users have this product easily Veiik Airo Pod allows you to sit.

Veiik Airo Pod Cartridge Purchase Operations

VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge manufacturer Smokjoy the magnet system gives the idea of being magnetized by making the cartridge.With this feature of the cartridge, it is absolutely easy to leak and splash in the liquid filling along with its feature to fit the product, therefore users have given a great convenience. VEIIK Airo Pod System Designed with original and perfect ideas for use with mod, it has organic cotton winding.

Likit filling and IIC Airo Pod Cartridge has a feature of being MTL cartridge suitable for the use of salk liquid which can be refilled easily by the side.The spare cartridges in the package are one of the rich and optimum steam density will not be overlooked with offering a tight and warm experience in the MTL experience.VEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge 2 Ml can be filled with lilite chamber allows you to add likiti with flavor.Thanks to this opportunity, you will be able to travel to the taste of the taste you want to enjoy with the most advanced sub-air-driven system, offering you an optimum and pure flavor.

Smokjoy vEIIK Airo Pod Cartridge is manufactured in Shenzen area of China, it has been recognized that it can query originality with serial code written on the original black box.2 pcs in the original box with 2 mL chambers in 1.2 ohm resistance Veiik Airo Pod Electronic Cigarette Replacement Cartridge .

The orders that you will be through our website are delivered to the same day if the first business day is given within weekdays.We provide free shipping service to our users who order from our site as well as ease of payment in the free door.To take advantage of this service, you can order VEIIK Airo Pod Original Cartridge at affordable price.


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Tank Capacity
2 ml
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2 Pieces
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